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CCTV Condition Surveys for Sewers, Ducts and Pipeworks

Incorporating the very best equipment and bespoke reporting software, we are market leaders in the provision of underground asset condition and fault finding reporting. Coupled with our ability to locate (Sonde) and map (DuctRunner) underground assets, we can offer a full service. Whether it's carrying out a 'look see' CCTV survey to extending a Train Station Platform or a 'Build Over', we have the capability and knowhow.

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About Cloaca Surveys

We are focused on  providing the highest professional standards in the underground asset management sector. Our emphisis is on building a strong working relationship with our clients based on honesty and integrity, in turn leading to a lasting, productive working relationship.

Our vision sums up how we wish to be considered by our clients, not only do we want to be chosen based on the innovative solutions we provide, but because we are prepared to put in that extra effort to ensure the job gets done.


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